I’ll feast upon
Whatever’s given to me

Perhaps silent
Withdrawn appearance
Draws moths –
At night’s full beauty
Towards shallow hanging light
Piercing through
Echoes melody
Uplifts burdened spirits
No fog too dense
Nor darkness too dark
So is the role –
Before sun comes back
And then returns
Once fulfilled its duty
Until yet another
Veil covers the sky

It faded

It faded
Once there was a storm
An excuse entrusted –
Walls didn’t bother
Neither did I

Corruption began
Coming from within
Peeking through the window –
Seeking reason to leave
But couldn’t

Or so I believed

Sleepless at night
Demons chasing after me
And since the only escape
It’s no use
It faded

More of the same
Spirals further down
Even though up –
Meant to climb
It faded

Passion in dust
Cupboard remnants keep
Maybe I’ll try
My mind’s some disease
It faded


Season about to begin
Carrying little basket
Hopping through the bushes
You could call it harvest

Sometimes sweet and red
Not so much green – sour
Close to the ground
Under shadow seeking sun

(But I hate sun)

Being gentle is a must
Otherwise tragedy happens
Hours into days
Until they’re ready

Not each matures
Leaving bitter aftertaste
Stubborn I know
I shouldn’t –

I wasn’t even hungry
Human-side calling
And I can’t leave them be
Pouring sweat down

So I didn’t realise
The basket already full
On my own quarter
My own heart
Couldn’t be helped

Overly simplic analogy? Searching for words to convey my thoughts is much harder than I though it would be.


Sensless staring blank
Whether is a sunset
Or dawn’s many outfits
I no longer understand
Naive the thoughts –
Neverland promises
Within my reach seemingly
Under leash walked
As if

My eyes have lost their spark


Words were flying
Call this place home
Though underlying meaning
Wasn’t meant to be told
They then pulled off
Forgetting own commitment
And so it hurts
Trully mistaken I was
For once hoping
The same outcome
Isn’t about to happen
Maybe deserved I am
Under all circumstances
To suffer in solitude


Blank expression
With no purpose sailing
For which reason
Chores constant trail
Of off bed – work
Sunlight once pleasant
Somehow scarier seems
Unwanted reminder
Faces are lost
When watching own feet

Meanwhile my head
My heart and my eyes
None of these
Comprehend the future
The goal achieved
Pouring sweat – saltiness
Via my mouth


Veil upon your eyes
Out off regret –
Mindless passing time
Pause, driven fear
Comfort soothin’ sadness
A train you see coming –
Letting it go by
Hope, for another one
What ifs spirals now
And so on and on
Standing, rooted in becoming
Without your future
Miss what you once had
Leap of faith
A pinch of risk
It could be –
Hollow pride resist
Does it hurt
Simply trying –
Owning both and moving on
Though I see
Beneath the skin
Seeking answers –
This is not your sin
For the sake of you
Take that chance
And free yourself
From misery


As hard as it may come across
I’d not hesitate anymore
And I’ll cut down on people
Who wouldn’t invest –
Or care getting to know me
The capacity of one’s heart
The worthiness of one’s soul
The drive behind one’s mind
If you’re hoping –
Half-ass effort will unveil
Then I’m sorry to say
But you’re mistaken

Excuse yourself –
Blaming the way you are
Crawling back into the past
Holding onto – seeking
An actor fulfilling desired role
Of the one you want
Who doesn’t want you
And so pretend –
Sobbing stagnant circle
But I won’t comply
Being a toy –

In fact, you’re the monkey
Who has the diamond –
At hand, not knowing
Its real value


Before a new fire risen
The sacrifice had to be made
There was a heart
Still beating –
And the mind
Broken into little pieces
Ounce of sweat
Scarlet cruet of blood
Coming off those crying eyes
At the end
One ingredient missing
Faith laughter dropped
Thus I was missing luck –
That wasn’t given to me