Recipe for disaster

Once upon a time, mesmerised wee brat had the idea to please people around him so that the fear of becoming and facing his own self – was delayed. Provoked manipulative skills, crafted a web of shallow lies in an attempt to detach reality from his imagined world where he hadn’t had to reconcile in-born flaws or behavioural patterns, as long as no one pointed out his dysfunctional, self-destructive path.

In fact, no one ever did.

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Humanitarian disaster: How underrated we are?

Every story I heard has its sparkle. Those times when the world and values were so much different. Their struggle to co-op with developing technology where they barely understood what happens around and when they finally learned how to use it, the world had changed, yet again.

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Devastated myself and got into the shell to which I have never wanted to be back, becoming anonymous, swallowed and spewed on the ground, still willing of composing a vulgar masterpiece.

Series of horribly bad decisions led me near the bottom line, an idiot dancing on the rope in the canyon – hanging attached to the rotted log of wood, seems safe though.

So there we are.

Couldn’t keep on writing recently, couldn’t read out loud those post of yours bringing my silenced emotions to the surface, although I had to get out and face the reality I have created.

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Pick the gloves up


Since the months I’ve been crawling back into self-pity, topped with hesitation and seasoned with my own flaws, whether the reality is being different or not.

Each one of us has felt the dead silent periods when the inability to move in any direction other than backwards was arguably stagnation before the unexpected happened. Throughout fairly shallow experiences and young age, the realisation of the process took a while but enlightened my naive mind. I wouldn’t jump into depression easily again.

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Handwriting mystery

Night time is always bringing me freshness within its cold breeze, stars and overall darkness. Whenever walking out to have a wee walk, my mind is facing sensation of ideas or absurd imagination products.

As far as autumn gives melancholic energy that is hardly expressable even to myself, at a time like these I would love to share or rather public something. But are my skills that good?

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