About me

A migrant currently residing in Scotland.

Whole idea of this blog began to form when I couldn’t store more diaries filled with my chicken-like writing. Endless sheets of paper got to become my compact outlet for both writing, and now photography.

There is a lot, or maybe not so much to say about myself.

Let me tell you though what you might find in here.

  • Overly dramatic poetry that wouldn’t take any marks from your ordinary English lecturer
  • Love stories of a B-class movie level
  • Half-baked thoughts that have become a rant
  • Photography which purist would hate
  • And some more…

Get a glass of wine, sit comfortably, and if you feel like crying – let it be while reading. Saying so, there is a little bit to cheer you up too, since I’d always find the light in a place majority would fall into despair.

Doesn’t make much sense, does it?