Spinning circles around my own tail
pulling you closer then pushing you away
the timing seems wrong – echo by my side
tells to be distanced – not going all out

A mess of the months brushed to the corner
haunts every morning – reminder of these
few different puzzles attached to each other
the picture just started and you got in

Glimpse in the future – passed by the wall
won’t dare to ask or retreat once more
however nonsense tempting desire is –
for god’s sake, I’m afraid of it

My hair falls off getting all grey
will bite the nails as I did someday
should I plot the plan – draw down my web
not even sure if it works this way

The eyes hooked up – tell them to stop
watching – overseeing you moving on
then you flatter at me with your own sight
feminine curse keeps me inside

Cast it on me and I will chase you down
will never stop until the breath pass out
swear to you – punishment is going to be –
and then you’re smiling, as if

I can’t resist.








There I am
Standing on the rooftop in fear
Overseeing the contempt
That leaks down my side
Where the knife pulled out
Hasn’t healed – the mind
Rolls down the blanket
Immune, invisible wants to be
When opened vulnerable spot –
Shuts down, won’t let you in
Reunite with the heart
The harmony of both eyes
Following disgraceful path
Stigma clouds the judgement –
Achievement of lesser degree
So I can’t drag you
Or please to wait
For me to heal




Edit: Both writings – the one from yesterday and today – are related to each other, having the same point highlighted. Whoever reads it should understand my recent absence, without posting anything for a while.





Dismiss illusion before your eyes
When the demons won’t sleep
Everlasting hunger arises –
Creeping out from the shadow
Hidden off lightened strains
Thirst of your flesh
And a smile that calms the water
Depths crossed through
Moving onwards –
Hits the point of no return
Scar becomes swollen, burns
Suffocates thinking – recall
The reality has nothing to offer
As well as I have







In the stars is been written the map, a treasure for those having the courage to climb – and swim in the waters cold, so dark or peace through the no man’s land. Head up, link up the points over the sky, see the pattern bestowed to you. In a daylight won’t see as well as when running, consumption ignored for once has to be. Peaceful and quiet the voice of your heart, forever silent, suppressed by noises – the monotony of human life.

Numbers are moving, changing even when you stop, craving the miracle to happen. The child inside you stays in a coma, denying reality in which – no curiosity is allowed nor the question gets the answer, spontaneous decisions are blamed within. A rational exception, material profit shapes who you want to be, leaving the thirst fulfilled by identity displayed on the bank card or the club called wasted dreams.

I do not agree to obey the scheme, but perhaps easier would it be. Searching a rabbit hole in the bushes, the forest reaching great heights. Shaded recess to lie, release the pressure accumulated in mind. Decide off to which side of the coin will I choose, flip and see.

Either inner-child or the limbo, locked down within.






The essence of life leaked through my hands
lost the reason
feed on nothingness
indifferent cold-like stone

Fog has surrounded –
coming out from the shore of the sea
frightened, shivers consumed me
no more pain ever wanted to feel

Being just simple – having no more dreams

For which obsessed I would become
For which the world I would split in half
Leave it be, leave the fire burning out behind

The hell with the norms
dragged to meaningless destination
once you drop picking new up
heading further – limbo we grew into

Would maybe draw the picture
having my colours – imagined sketch
other than black and white
only if – there won’t be me standing

By myself, no one by my side







Through the places
through my mind
seeing scenes that nightmare has
not a dream – real life
thrown a burden up my arms
executed down at night
born to dig from the depth of sorrow
scorned, depraved – left to learn
told to be then strong and brave
keep your head straight up, no shame
even though inside I cry, seeking
who would not judge for those tears
for emotions up the sleeve
given heart – the hole my own
gonna burn in the dark
throwing light

Getting back my youth that was stolen