Veil upon your eyes
Out off regret –
Mindless passing time
Pause, driven fear
Comfort soothin’ sadness
A train you see coming –
Letting it go by
Hope, for another one
What ifs spirals now
And so on and on
Standing, rooted in becoming
Without your future
Miss what you once had
Leap of faith
A pinch of risk
It could be –
Hollow pride resist
Does it hurt
Simply trying –
Owning both and moving on
Though I see
Beneath the skin
Seeking answers –
This is not your sin
For the sake of you
Take that chance
And free yourself
From misery


As hard as it may come across
I’d not hesitate anymore
And I’ll cut down on people
Who wouldn’t invest –
Or care getting to know me
The capacity of one’s heart
The worthiness of one’s soul
The drive behind one’s mind
If you’re hoping –
Half-ass effort will unveil
Then I’m sorry to say
But you’re mistaken

Excuse yourself –
Blaming the way you are
Crawling back into the past
Holding onto – seeking
An actor fulfilling desired role
Of the one you want
Who doesn’t want you
And so pretend –
Sobbing stagnant circle
But I won’t comply
Being a toy –

In fact, you’re the monkey
Who has the diamond –
At hand, not knowing
Its real value


Before a new fire risen
The sacrifice had to be made
There was a heart
Still beating –
And the mind
Broken into little pieces
Ounce of sweat
Scarlet cruet of blood
Coming off those crying eyes
At the end
One ingredient missing
Faith laughter dropped
Thus I was missing luck –
That wasn’t given to me


Pretending I didn’t see
What a perfect lie it is
Led to extinction, eradicated
A part that has no use
Further planning – chess outplayed
In all-controlling path
And then, you happened – expected
But not ready for a move
Chasing own tale
Being lost among branches
For a step retreating life
Since my timing is off
Gotten too far in my own thought
These changes undertaken
Exhaustion left me at ease
I might catch up, I do
Yet the price of that time
Can I even make it up
Or else – will you then say
Or feed me silence
I think I got used to
The pain you bring
It feels like falling –


By the nose leads
Up where steady ground end
Words for goodbye
Reassurance – nuance
Whichever you call it
Back into the corner
Overshadowed behind your back
I was there – hoping
Of a brief moment

Senses warned
But heartless couldn’t be
From door to door
In the dark –
Searching my remedy
What I have found
Didn’t feel – human
Begging rotten scraps
Might then drop
On me


You won’t know
Depending on the answer
I might wonder – only then
Seeking such resolution
Giving up on my past
No doubt this is all
The smoke flares up
Casts aura over the sky

But I won’t see
I won’t turn anymore

It is been a journey
Without regrets buried
We were never closer
Enough to satisfy
Neither of us could deny
Their voices knew
Bitter denial for two
At the stage we are
Despite wavering – gaze
Is being set much further
And for that reason
I will ask last time

Whether you crawl or fly






Out of all the puzzles
Missing very few, at least
Though vision my tired
Overseeing goal rising
Within that feeling, however
More desperate I am
Counting each step
Limitless effort paid
And your eyes
Sparkling before me
Reading through the layers
Could I be –
One step ahead
Instead of you waiting
Taking on your hand
Forever, upon the sky
There is a reality
Sour and painful
As if I’m being
A destiny’s clown
One way, or another
These months in question
Will the answer – end
Or lit the new beginning
For sure, the thing is
I might not withstand
Whatever comes after











I had to remind myself
Reasons before I acted
Recall the hurt you brought up
Breathless chasing –
Ever so slightly behind your back
And I would go on
Without a doubt – but not
There lies my demon
Born off some painful
Though resolved now past
For these answers, saying
I must

Cycle repeats – varying form
Whichever route it will transform
Bear in mind – there is a story
So let me tell you how it’s been

Crawling the bottom
Seeking a single string of light
Then when I found
I could go on, and climb
Often thrown back down, instead
Those I loved – those I love
All they did – just ignored
Burning flesh despite my cry
And I had to, had to die
But the truth is – maybe lie
That my heart has grown – and so I
Holding scars the story’s told
If you won’t then try – unfold
We cannot be I’m afraid
Out of fear, it will hurt

Inspired by -> Stay – Cat Power

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Snappy snaps

I’m being broken
More than I thought
And so opening-up
To the wrong person
Might destroy me
As a whole

I feel hangover
Hoping I wasn’t sane
Attempting to love
Someone looking down on me

How the tables turned
You coming in –
When I’m already leaving
This painful party of yours

Have you noticed
How far you pushed me away
Now when you shout my name
To come back, saying –
Things are gonna be different
Thanks echo for the blessing
Thus I hear only the end



Ps: These are some short verses that I’m writing on my phone every now and then when feeling like there is something worth typing down. More often than not I’m reading it out once emotion disappears, and turns out I don’t like it.

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Lightened by moon’s shining glow
Thinking – a fellow soul
In chase looks back
Hope for the pleasure
Re-opens these old stories
Buried deep in your heart
Before you notice
Years wasted becoming
Your future – you didn’t take
Sole regret venomous
Sadness fulfilling days
When your smile faded
The one – the past
Seen by moon’s glowing eyes

Turmoil – hot and cold
Blown sensation up the roof
Then sobbing a little –
Seeking human warmth
For words withholds
Silence better understood
Though understood you won’t be
Sensible touch of beauty
Either flower growing
Spring fires the sky
In tears you watch
But why
Your standards up high
Likes of me flies to you
Disrespect stomps down
With your chin – pride
Passing just by
All you want is there
On the golden plate
Empty – as well as
Excuse me, please





Jeez. It’s been ages since my last post – both sour, with a little spice in between.  Thought this might be a relief, and it truly is. Enjoy.

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