Foggy Sketch

Self-denial would hopefully solve undermining issue which appeared at some stage of my life.

Although the struggle I had to go through, certainly there are prioritized aspects in urgent need to be experienced. Youth might disappear in a blink of an eye without any warning or so ever – leaving debris of memories, labelled as a failure.

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Shelter is gone

Am I going down – intensely shivering when the shelter is gone?

Thus rain and wind empowered its force, the feeling of emptiness echoes through the storm. Nowhere to go, delusion says the truth. It’s been miserable to believe in me and you.

Two stars circles around each other, nor getting closer nor moving – forever. Words like drops falling forming tears, frozen by pride, by their master squeezed.

Colours of the rainbow reflect what I see – black and white but the rest do not exist.

Curse the faith, curse the falling star. White dove could not reach the path to my heart.

Thunder out there scream out loud to me, burning the sky on my way to see. The reason and fear almost holding hands, pointing the one who deserves all that.

Utterly soaked in the rain that falls, willing to disappear to reset what I have done. Mirrored again, pale face presenting the scar – holding the last piece I wished could survive.

Written in stone

The sweet smell feels nostalgic

As it could bring even more about it

Written in stone dropped in the water

On the bottom lying becoming forgotten

A bit of sadness a pile of salt

Time of a year seems like sacked

Rumours or thoughts depraved my mind

Same with the ego that craves for us

Nonetheless the stamp is being done

Opposing these changes I wouldn’t survive

And so the end and beginning in one

To fill the pages you pulled off at time


Persistent man

Behind the glass out of my reach

There is a world of which I dreamed

Rainbow and colours in-depth together

Fearless and stubborn closer to each other

Bouncing the ball from side to side

Take in excuses then change your mind

I am diving in my little fish tank

Painting the walls with my clumsy heart

Wait for a chance or another break

Collecting the pieces and repairing again

Real solution would fix it all

But I will be waiting until you see

How foolish we are yet truly feels

Obstacles and pain cannot withstand

So persistent man who I really am


The illusion

Measurement of time does not exist

Millions of way of words to express my dreams

No counting money just wisely exploring

Following the stars they won’t live up to – I am sorry

Hunger runs blood where veins full of anger

Transcendent decisions shaped independence

My very own path no place for revenge

Embrace the feeling I felt my mistake

Restore the time and let me come back

Rebuilding these ruins I have torn apart

Bred in the illusion I live until now

In search of the key and get somehow out


Bringing the light

The time has passed leaving the breeze
Of the changes and passion so dear to me
Resolution is ready to be closed out
Throwing off naiveness that damaged mind

New year flashes its mysterious signs
Signpost of ways highlighting my path
Vanguard in words but its empty spark
I am not the one who is bringing the light

Imprisoned like a doll in the plastic box
Hoping to be handed to the person who
Gently reframes the weakened soul
Surrounding with fire giving the hope

Playful inside on the outside cold
Unwrap the package and allow the flow
Heroin strikes veins raging storm
Or simply speaking use single word




Burned out

These moments burned out leaving the gap

The feelings and warmth is filling me up

Just out of nowhere yet my own play

Can I freeze time and play it again

Over and over re-playing these scenes

When you and I are closer indeed

Lust fuel the air what we now breathe

The smell so sweet stoned me in here

Miss and hate both or chose the one

Although I dream to get more of that