Foggy Sketch

Self-denial would hopefully solve undermining issue which appeared at some stage of my life.

Although the struggle I had to go through, certainly there are prioritized aspects in urgent need to be experienced. Youth might disappear in a blink of an eye without any warning or so ever – leaving debris of memories, labelled as a failure.

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Searching for words I couldn’t find for so long

Zombie state the microwave is burning cowards’ soul

Voiceless drops shaking entire weakened body

Shaded eyes blindness no goal to which I’m coming

Crawling back mouldable the faith has passed away

The wind I need the raw force strike, the beauty image, the muse at night, the dream, the ghost the one I see.

Until then just be, pity ghost of previous me.



A mask

Wherever I go the burden of smiles and covered up lies shall fall. It’s not a mask hidden in front, as the precious feelings – so deep, so strong – worth more than tears wasted overall, falling down cheeks to dry, vaporizing into steam or fog.

Another day’s gone. Productive thoughts suppressed in day-to-day struggle, for whom you work, believe or talk to?

None of them listened, cared and saw who you are. Judgement claimed off the court where anyone drops down their past, becoming wise-shit speaking, nonsense spreading even more stupidity, to which I have listened carefully.

Solitude over the crowded scene. Murder of humanity, passed down sins cultivated in our sacred hut of narrow and blinded beliefs. Point them out, drag it to the bottom of ignorance they’ll dance upon, no place for the likes of you in insensitive dimension condensed in our very known world.

Moody is being day followed by the night when the rollercoaster served me a ride to the unconscious areas of my mind. Blurry idea perished, the vision has lost its spark. More and more doubts arise, crawling in the dark seeking the answer when the only one is given, patience – my friend – is the right choice.



Dark Souls

Inappropriate sight crossed over the land, seduced in the depths of the mysterious mind. Genius has planned the smart ass would appeal – smirk in the corner you won’t take it real.

Conquered the field made of empty walls, along the burden dropped off the foes. The mirror smashed down, the picture burned out. The creature arises of ashes just now.

Cat-like sharpness, the tongue won’t hesitate, whatever is coming the reason remains. No more delusion pushed overboard. Vision, the action will make it work.

Phrases forms echo far away out there. Hundreds of miles to cross so let’s stay. The castle built high, defences up ready. Just one to fight, be brave, be steady.

There is no treasure you would win over. There is no reason go to on sober. Reality differs than those smoked walls, the king of dark souls observes your moves.





Spilt over the sheets while searching in depths, no matter the outcome the answer is there. Ruling the domain swathed between the extremes – forget the past, let it be what it seems.

Flashback. The quote, the roar, the missing part. God damn confusion once fooled my mind.

Something has changed, neither couldn’t see. More of excitement, challenge out of the reach. Breakthrough the mind growing brighter and wise. Foolish the idiots childish all time.

Erase the questions leaving pages blanked. The fate or actions are just about – detailed plan wouldn’t live up, for fire and water clashing battles at night.

Raw is the force of these two heating skies, laughing and smiling the strike pulling out. But there is nothing wrong acting way you should not, the one to judge you is somewhere far above.



Down the road

Somewhere down the road apparent marks you have gained. Little scraps of paper blown off through the wind and rain. Healed over time warmed up in the sun – nothing to stop you from the journey, just run.

Pick up those things they told you to drop. Support the back before others to fall. Don’t stop with the reason so trivial, so lame – dream on and live as there are no regrets.

Cliche of words expressed in between the lines. Stranger to people and those faking their life. Given advice hold tight to your heart, souls seeking creatures will thrive to the path.

Maybe you fail, perhaps you get hurt. None of above should crush where you stand. Feet you once saw is the feet of yours, the one crossing miles in the pain and sore. Slowly look up searching the strand of light – there is a home to be built with your hands.



Puzzled thoughts

Silence. No source of sound other than my breath, the moon passing over, the phase begins once again.

Unbearable dilemma clouds puzzled thoughts, remaining pieces won’t match at all. The shape seems same as it often happens, thus the morning comes the gap remained.

Blurry image affected the resonated splot, something to happen the time moves on – a pen in my hand draws the future plan, beginning of the end reserved for the conscious mind.

Timeless whim coming back once forth – the lesson of the past – so the line has been crossed. Pushed overboard sinking in for a while, learning to dive and to swim, to survive.

Consequences in the future are about to strike. Will I succeed or will I crush the ground? Living the life where the echo returns, where the heart pumps emotions and there is someone to help.