It fails
Insures the process goes on
For whatever is built
With no certainty –
Bear without attachment
In content welcome the change
And ability to grow
Pieces of glass-bottle –
Perhaps not glueable
Though refurbished it can be
So for every mistake we do
Every direction mindlessly taken
We have all – I wish –
The second chance

The Obsession

If I recall her –
Short-brunette with mischievous smile
Looks at me, once, twice; makes me feel odd
Though for some reason I don’t want it stop
Even with no words
Simply by look –
Just like a fisherman
Delude it, onwards – hook
Either the gold-fish
More of a shark
Before my eyeballs –
The glow – the spark
It has escaped
Depths of the sea
Holds on to secret
I want to see


Four walls have been watching –
Deteriorating into some alien form
Since no feedback given
Ignorant grew –
And whatever flourished prior
Had become distant
Resembled harsh winter
Within coldness remain
Though I was seeing –
Sun hiding before the night
Tickled my skin –
As if to invite
And play with it some more
Slowly, little by little
I may sprout again

Bear with me then –
Until I come out

Ps: Hello! Anybody still here? I know it has been a while, though I am now seriously considering going back to writing some more stuff, as well as do some more photography. Ever since the pandemics have started I could not bring myself to create anything I would consider decent. Maybe, just maybe, I will manage to crack the shell and join the community once more.

For now however, enjoy!

Keep in mind the photo is mine and you can see my small, humble library on my Instagram!


Trembles throughout
In a cold – outside
Having no drive
No direction, even
Saddened impression
Marks ones face
For brimming light
And warmth once longing
Where did I lost my heart
Gasping breathless
Looking high up the sky
Watching the snow –
That covers my eyes
Slowly falls over me


Minimalism approach
With so little –
Somewhat clearer becomes the life
Ill will swayed
Uphill portrayed –
Echoes nature’s breath
From within responds
And escapes trivial matter
Loneliness one comprehend
Thus for what the sadness
Regret of the chatter
Chanted snake’s face
Neither such worth it
Neither could such pretend
Those who reward you
Wait right up
Right up there

Top of the mountain

Square One

If the words were enough
Expressing such complexity
At least in my eyes
We would be best friends
Rather than half-baked –
Composed as an act
Observable by restless –
And never blinking…

Though this isn’t fault
Hanging upon them
My understanding comes short
Goosebumbs going throught the skin
Watering drops leading down
Under scarlet moon
Listening –
Music runs
Echos right up
Mind searches
Like hammer heart beat –
For the reason that is

Years the number
Judge throws the sentence
Unacceptable verdict
So again,

Square one

Ps: I’m being pretty wasted and aware the blog has died due to obvious reasons. At the very least the Instagram page has some shots that are made of emotional stimulus for all the people craving emotional outburst – just saying.

Whatever I do write tonight has no second thought in it, aka. is as raw as it can be.


Disgrace, isn’t it

Does seeking purpose
Envious of tick-list snobs
Tempting such reality
Without hassle day by day
Against all odds – rejected

Constant struggle
Fear like brother pushing the back
Tip-toeing waters before each step
Emotional disillusion justified
Since crossing the river –
Some say three times
Is an idiocy

Nights and dreams full of marvel
Wish the sleep never ends
Routine exhausts even little spirit
That is left within this cold heart of mine
How annoying are these of which –
Prattle of their fulfilling lives

One doesn’t comprehend
No apple has two parts
Only the whole comes in
Among the others –
As a package at best
But never in half

I would become Tarzan
Or be just monkey jumping the trees
No matter what – with no regards
To what I’m expected
Whether my life is getting painted
Is all up to an artist

Who so happens have lost his brush
And the question is –
Who’s gonna lend it


Foresight unforgiven
Dependant upon single strain
Whether is gonna pass through
Is a mystery

Youth once mindlessly wasted
But prayers for it made
Goes beyond ones understanding
Until the very end

Those howling for change
Let us hold on to
Hoping the one – the dream
Will someday become
A reality

The club to which I’m belonging


I’ll feast upon
Whatever’s given to me

Perhaps silent
Withdrawn appearance
Draws moths –
At night’s full beauty
Towards shallow hanging light
Piercing through
Echoes melody
Uplifts burdened spirits
No fog too dense
Nor darkness too dark
So is the role –
Before sun comes back
And then returns
Once fulfilled its duty
Until yet another
Veil covers the sky