Behind the glass



For whom you are behind the glass – staring, musing of a time that passed?

What you see invincible might be, awareness of yours playing tricks with me. Shallow in fact – as a decoy – knowing so well how flustered you become. Bit by bit consuming body, hostage of the soul – leaving no more than the appetite.

Every time you return begging for more, seeing the eye having a mysterious glow, shining the colour of eternal spirit – whispered to you the word you won’t forget it.

So then your hand in seek of the pleasure floating through the skin. Scorched desire inflaming evermore, but you know once the eyes are opened, a debris itself remains just a dream.



21 thoughts on “Behind the glass

  1. Long time no read. I’ll catch up soon. This is a really good piece. I like how you brought things to the end. Amazing thoughts. Have a good day, Mathew.

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    1. It is quite like a dialogue with myself –
      emotionless and logical analysis of thoughts and feelings. For the first time, I have created something when I should not write anything due to my actual state of mind.

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  2. I talk to myself I the mirror. Yes, one day what you see id’s okay. Other times it isn’t. I’m aging. Sometimes the person I see doesn’t look like me. My grandchildren don’t think I look like my younger pictures. That’d odd, I tell them. It’s still me.

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  3. You know what I love about your poems? The idea of deciphering each words and once I do, it always sends me those shivers that weigh more than just goosebumps. Good job for another wonderful work of art, Matthew 😉

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