Am I going down – intensely shivering when the shelter is gone?

Thus rain and wind empowered its force, the feeling of emptiness echoes through the storm. Nowhere to go, delusion says the truth. It’s been miserable to believe in me and you.

Two stars circles around each other, nor getting closer nor moving – forever. Words like drops falling forming tears, frozen by pride, by their master squeezed.

Colours of the rainbow reflect what I see – black and white, but the rest do not exist.

Curse the faith, curse the falling star. White dove could not reach the path to my heart.

Thunder out there scream out loud to me, burning the sky on my way, to see. The reason and fear almost holding hands, pointing the one who deserves all that.

Utterly soaked in the rain that falls, willing to disappear to reset what I have done. Mirrored again, pale face presenting the scar – holding the last piece I wish could survive.