Foggy Sketch

Self-denial would hopefully solve undermining issue which appeared at some stage of my life.

Although the struggle I had to go through, certainly there are prioritized aspects in urgent need to be experienced. Youth might disappear in a blink of an eye without any warning or so ever – leaving debris of memories, labelled as a failure.

Foggy sketch remained once the dream has become the past, but its remarkable impact knocks my consciousness, begging for a bit of attention when surpassed by the lack of vision turned into hollow. Intimidation paralysed existence and left me in the haunted-like hole, where only fear and madness controls a strand of fate.

Yet once – flattered by the one who bravely fought for her own future – part of me decided to decapitate eroded cells. Acceptance led to unexpected implications, thus glowing resolve stoned me like a heroin.

Dreaming of a journey, letting time sinking into depths of exploration, which reveals to me my mistakes.

Shattered identity, pictured or rather shaped by the past must be replaced due to upcoming challenge. Competitiveness within a glorious change should erase these flaws I was holding still for so long.

To take a risk and fail or succeed.

Reasoning over utilisation of the energy would cause more damage, getting solution back to the start. Tasteful memories composition – same as her lips and wildcat eyes – have enormous power that set fire to the flare I will follow.

Nothingness stomped me down to the ground but from now on, masks once used as a tool in the masquerade of lies are being gently framed and left along memorial dedicated to educating future me.

None of these happened without clarified reason and so I am moving on.

Youth allowance nearly reached its expiry date, writing down conclusion is meaningless as the aim is yet to be reached. Demand for decision loop just contributed to the overall shape of the image I have pictured.

Time to learn drawing or at least taking photos.




16 thoughts on “Foggy Sketch

    1. There are psychological aspects, at least this is what I think. But you’re right, political theme is highlighted and pushed to the front of the story. Hm. Somehow feel good with provoking writing tho.

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    2. Ah well that’s very noble, I suppose I lost my interest in poetry for a while, it didn’t stimulate me anymore and I fell in love with philosophy. But your writing definitely speaks from a true place. 🙂

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    3. I wouldn’t said it’s noble, yet I am happy to hear such a kind words. Understand that, if you fell in love with philosophy then maybe even better for you. For now I need to find inspirations for upcoming pieces!

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    1. Thank you. A provoking style you said? Quite surprising and don’t know how to respond to it!
      The book which has the greatest impact on me, my writing and passion for books is Diuna – Frank Herbert.

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    2. Yeah, but Diuna has a massive psychological storyline which immersed me deeply. As to my themes, these are reflected by in-depth meaning – maybe not necessarily like Herbert, mood is mine!

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