The flower

Forsaken seeds from the ashes grow up – no more than grass they would call it now.

By the time pass on, when sunlight takes care – while the rainy touch brushes the rim – goes through the ground rooting deep.

The beauty of the process, how amazing it can be!

Day by day becoming stronger. Standing the winter or peak of summer – fighting for life, to be the flower.

Goddess garden will not be ashamed, seeing its colours as no one could guess – changing the palette against your will, but listens to a heart which craves to feel.

The motion of changes and magic aura, cannot believe it happens in front of those eyes. Hypnotised still waiting – once broken wants to see – the blossom of the flower in the place no plants should be.

Inspired by the song – Into the wild

30 thoughts on “The flower

  1. Love this. It always great to read your poetry. I really love your current style of writting. The magic of changes from time to time. I think it is an amazing process.

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    1. Appreciate. This way of writing allows me to convey my thoughts without restrictions and limits – in comparison to poetry rules. Agree, changes are good, necessary I would say.

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  2. It’s beautiful. Love your style. I love when others also see the life on the inside and not just the pretty petals and colors. But the water spiraling up, and the sun, together creating the kaleidoscope of everything. Awesome!

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