I cried

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It Takes Courage... And lots of Chocolate

“It had been a while
Since the last time I cried
Alone in the dark,
Until late, last night.

Dawn proceeded untouched
By my wrenching misery,
As tears rolled down my cheeks
And I grasped for air I couldn’t breathe.

Tired of being the good girl
I might become the devil inside
If I let these grunting thoughts
Swallow me and pull me straight in to the dark side.”


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I come back

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Another great piece of art written down by Ana – be sure to subscribe or I’m going to learn how to prepare Voodoo Doll and curse all of you!

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It Takes Courage... And lots of Chocolate

“Wise people say to let go of the past
And of all you can’t get back;
Don’t make the same mistake twice,
If you do, you’ll pay the price.

I get the lesson
The past is the past,
Been there, done that,
And yet, to you, I come back.”


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The irony of hot showers

The one worth reading again and again.

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Apple Rae

She turned the heater higher, so the splash of the shower burns her skin to its numbness.

With her head down, eyes gently closed and her hands touching her breasts—she let the strength of the maximum heat of water embrace her raw self, her nakedness, her pained and tired body.

Did I just say tired?

Yes she’s tired.

Just like you, she feels very exhausted.

A hot shower is her way out, a treat, to make herself feel numb as she cries it all out, til she becomes empty, til there’s no more left inside.

Don’t we all need to sometimes be numbed?

For too much feelings are now stories in the past.

For too much analysis kills the protagonists and that some days it’s better to feel none.

For you need to sometimes let pain overrule and cling to you, til there’s nothing left as it burst out— a…

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The piece of art worth every second, pushing me – and hopefully some of you – into contemplation about the past and the future.

Enjoy as I did immensely, praising the author providing the truth I was searching for so long.

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It Takes Courage... And lots of Chocolate

“The earthquake inside you
Throws you to the ground;
You throw your fists in the air
Demanding to fight destiny to the death.

The wars you have fought in the past
Come rushing through your mind,
Lessons learned build the reprise
And you are left haunted one more time
Wondering if you should turn right or wrong…

The crossroads of life have always
Left you drained, lying lonely
On a pavement of sorrows and coal,
As taking decisions one by one
Build up a pile of uncertainties and outcomes
You have always dreaded to see coming…”


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Youthful spirit takes over my body searching the life I want, there are no true or false roads to be taken whilst everything is tearing apart. Chaos has the power to bring in the creation out of nowhere, out of nothing.

Opposite sides of my entire identity clashed with each other in the final battle over the being I currently am.

The outcome?

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500 follow clicks!

I have never expected such a success – especially in just over three months!

Thank you, for all your support. For each and every comment on my writing. For these wonderful responses and likes. I wouldn’t write anything – or at least publish – without you out there.

Its been incredible experience, the impact on me and my skills, possibility to interact with you on a daily basis. Hopefully, I will entertain you more with my poetry and upcoming articles – growing as an artist and writer under your wings.

There is much more I could add, yet I’m greedy and doesn’t want to get myself out too far.

If I’ll ever reach 1000 followers, there will be huge Q&A where you will get a chance to drag me out from behind the scene. Actually, you are more than welcomed to do it even now, but it seems fair, isn’t it?

For all of you!

thank you




Liebster Award & More


Alright, so this is the time when I have to leave procrastination for a while and get things done as it should be – guys, you nominated me for three awards! Pure insanity, whether I deserve it or not, my attempt is to summarise each of these into one proper blog post.

Thank you, first and foremost. Being nominated yet again means a lot for such a newbie writer like myself. Feeling of appreciation for my writing, along with these wonderful comments gives me massive energy blast!

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Media – jak bajdurzyć manipulując faktami

Wraz z obchodzonym ostatnio – jak co roku – świętem niepodległości, międzynarodowe media serwują nam zdrową dawkę nowoczesnej propagandy.

Nie ukrywajmy, wśród setek tysięcy rodaków zbierających się w Warszawie by uczcić nasze narodowe święto, znajdą się idioci depczący wszelkie tradycje związane z naszym istnieniem – w oparciu o tępe przekonanie o pseudo-patriotyźmie, co oczywiście przyciąga uwagę sępów czekających na swoją porcję padliny.

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