Music Share #8

A mysterious dream brought in the embers I expected to be extinguished at this point, the movement behind the scene triggers irritation – some plots are just too obvious though. If the guilt would ever fill the grail with the essence of my own mistake, perhaps it would also be displayed by the actions to prevent further damage, yet the guilt hasn’t been there in the first place. Not to mention the understanding of the matter that goes beyond conventional sight, I do know what, why and how.

But you won’t listen and so there is no place to be back anywhere near…

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Music Share #7

Could a night owl ever become an early bird?

A long time ago jealousy of people waking up in the mornings alongside the first strand of light having an unmatched commitment to their daily schedule and immense energy level was spinning through my head.

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Music share #6


The one silver drop of rain after a never-ending drought that sucked off the moisture – turned the ground into sand dust which is thrown right in between the eyes.

Joy and pleasure accompanied by the feeling of growth.

You survived, root those moments until the season ends.


I’m sweating my pants out – who the hell could ever imagine 30 degrees in Scotland?!

Now a little bit more serious, lets elaborate on a topic which I have swept to the corner, but what is being ”talented” actually means?

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Today I’m about to share something a bit new in here – my current source of motivation which reflects my feelings, thoughts and much more in its widest extent.

Within a couple of days I’ll write down a poem of the same name and theme, for now give this one a try.