In a split second all has been revealed

The cause of my headache, trembling voice – with lack of answers fighting. Through the fog crusade, onwards… Dilemma of a poisonous effect, two-sided marvel and a beggar in between where no one knows what it gets.

For his eyes treasure forbidden, either painless cannot be. Not for him though you would think, we shall wait and see. Bringing doom over what is being left.

To handle such, an act
Reserves of indifference needed
Or else let them find happiness
Losing beggar off of sight
For whom the world he lives
Is the world he can stand
More than he ever would –
Breaking someone’s heart




I have finally got to sit and draft it once more, though I’m spitting my words organizing its format just a little, this seems to be looking more complex now. I’m sorry for throwing down half-baked writing early on, hope you don’t mind a bit of cringe.








My heart delusional
In an idea being caught
To the place have been taken
Idealism rules out the hope
Or would I then fall apart
Doing the thing outside my mind
Chasing of lust – no respect
To one another

I might then be all alone



Edit: This is one of my own shots, the 2nd time I’m using the private collection. Feeling good!










Steamless seeking fuel
For intensity begging the life
Drawn to them off the reason
I’m ashamed of there at night
Not for once missed a day
Hoping you’ll lit the flare
That shall give me a direction
Sense of purpose to my faith 




Dwell on




To unravel the mysteries – dwell on.

The meaning of the season, of dying, of past, trough ever-watchful sight. Over smack you will rise becoming more aware, there is some more than living in despair. Stress that seem be of a mountain size – belittle, bit by bit go by. We’re afraid, frightful creatures inside, holding onto primitive means. With my words no answer you’re going to have, and I won’t say I know. If you feel anger, frustration, or else…

Believe I care, though unlike before.







There I am
Standing on the rooftop in fear
Overseeing the contempt
That leaks down my side
Where the knife pulled out
Hasn’t healed – the mind
Rolls down the blanket
Immune, invisible wants to be
When opened vulnerable spot –
Shuts down, won’t let you in
Reunite with the heart
The harmony of both eyes
Following disgraceful path
Stigma clouds the judgement –
Achievement of lesser degree
So I can’t drag you
Or please to wait
For me to heal




Edit: Both writings – the one from yesterday and today – are related to each other, having the same point highlighted. Whoever reads it should understand my recent absence, without posting anything for a while.







Bursting, into tears falling cursing weakness
To whatever God picking up fight
Upfront loser, from sewage reaching out hand
For help in silence, despair veils the curtain
Less of hope closed becoming eyes
Holding onto all that had left
When rescued, seemingly pretend to live
Nostrils remind, a skin soaked smells
Nothing ever is going to be the same









My anger calls
demanding voice to speak
you being hostage
of those throwing you down the peak

Feed with the phrases of ancient times
obedient, secure – no effort in place
whip tightened stronger –
forgetting freedom’s taste

Breakthrough the nonsense
destroy obstacles lying your path
whatever meant to be
will be found with high looking eyes






Bizarre feeling
Deja vu

Slight coldness hold in the air
rusty leaves in their suit
the season has ended and started –
my mood

Of phase growing what once the dead
roughly no reason, no purpose, again
thrown by the blow, bouncing back forth
stripped of the clothing trees

Naked, surreal seem to be fact
we’re on hold until sun is back
grasp of the night, volatile the stream
before the moon rises

Hollow depraved in a lack of light
instead of meaning seeing only dark
nature has will, tools and a wisdom
in its beauty embraces the death







I’m counting, marking down the calendar
Cross of black every day passing
Getting me closer, plans will become
Non-verbal meaning comes thought
Life to be wasted, removed – forgotten
I shall do what it suits
No routine nor shackles
Or these faces I had given –
Remaining trust is no more
Tempting to tear this false apart
Without any more time, on hold
Patience my friend who cares of me
Telling me stories before falling asleep
What’s gonna look like –
Building this all from scratch
With your face nowhere to be seen










Nuance so to say
Hearing all these stories
Soothe your sorrow
Taking emotions out

With a lantern
Handed to you –
The beholder, stranger
For whom the future
Futile casts spells

In seconds brightened
Empowered seeing the exit
Getting back to your life
Turning, forgetting though
He won’t leave –
He can’t

And on and on
Many have come
Taking off something –
A little bit of light

Thank you, goodbye
Meaning slips down
With no added questions
He stays inside

But I think
The craft – Prometheus curse
Have to be ended
Thus no one else
Search for the answer
Or give him a hand
To leave the nightmare
Of never-ending dark