Of pity sweet irony
Longing comprehensive trust
A substance to modesty
Complexity and resonance, for once
Wordless agreement of both parties
Replaces doubtful mist
Whether walk into – or not
Though it’s been brought up
To my ear echo comes back
Your satisfaction lowered by minute
So for the sake of clarity
Justification let me lay down
An attempt had failed
Given no second chance





Little Cold




Little down inside where it all runs pretty
Getting little cold when you’re around
Hoping for a change, yet nothing comes about

I’m closing the door with my watchful ceiling
Another goodbye thrown up in the sky
Will you be, will you be outside?

Soon things are going to change
I will not be same ever again
For each step on, further down the line

Coz’ I’m fed up seeing, fed up being fooled
With you up high looking down, too
Words and phrases, meaningless what I do

Meaningless what I do…




This is going to be a song, though I’m stuck now.







Turns out

The freedom doesn’t lie outside the boundaries
We’re born into shackles, locked down –
Into a home you wouldn’t leave free
The cage, and the one holding up the key
Is in fact – both you and me
An idealism God’s once blessing
Nectar bestowed upon human soul
Today the poison in reality’s many faces
And a tear falling down cracked shiny armour
So the shield I lifted, against very own being
Becoming a wraith, cynism my friend has become
Not these strangers I wouldn’t look up
For their ignorance, and my beautiful –
Yet broken heart





Inspired by – Bad Sign – Kellermensch









My heart delusional
In an idea being caught
To the place have been taken
Idealism rules out the hope
Or would I then fall apart
Doing the thing outside my mind
Chasing of lust – no respect
To one another

I might then be all alone



Edit: This is one of my own shots, the 2nd time I’m using the private collection. Feeling good!










Steamless seeking fuel
For intensity begging the life
Drawn to them off the reason
I’m ashamed of there at night
Not for once missed a day
Hoping you’ll lit the flare
That shall give me a direction
Sense of purpose to my faith 




Dwell on




To unravel the mysteries – dwell on.

The meaning of the season, of dying, of past, trough ever-watchful sight. Over smack you will rise becoming more aware, there is some more than living in despair. Stress that seem be of a mountain size – belittle, bit by bit go by. We’re afraid, frightful creatures inside, holding onto primitive means. With my words no answer you’re going to have, and I won’t say I know. If you feel anger, frustration, or else…

Believe I care, though unlike before.







There I am
Standing on the rooftop in fear
Overseeing the contempt
That leaks down my side
Where the knife pulled out
Hasn’t healed – the mind
Rolls down the blanket
Immune, invisible wants to be
When opened vulnerable spot –
Shuts down, won’t let you in
Reunite with the heart
The harmony of both eyes
Following disgraceful path
Stigma clouds the judgement –
Achievement of lesser degree
So I can’t drag you
Or please to wait
For me to heal




Edit: Both writings – the one from yesterday and today – are related to each other, having the same point highlighted. Whoever reads it should understand my recent absence, without posting anything for a while.