By the nose leads
Up where steady ground end
Words for goodbye
Reassurance – nuance
Whichever you call it
Back into the corner
Overshadowed behind your back
I was there – hoping
Of a brief moment

Senses warned
But heartless couldn’t be
From door to door
In the dark –
Searching my remedy
What I have found
Didn’t feel – human
Begging rotten scraps
Might then drop
On me


I had to remind myself
Reasons before I acted
Recall the hurt you brought up
Breathless chasing –
Ever so slightly behind your back
And I would go on
Without a doubt – but not
There lies my demon
Born off some painful
Though resolved now past
For these answers, saying
I must

Cycle repeats – varying form
Whichever route it will transform
Bear in mind – there is a story
So let me tell you how it’s been

Crawling the bottom
Seeking a single string of light
Then when I found
I could go on, and climb
Often thrown back down, instead
Those I loved – those I love
All they did – just ignored
Burning flesh despite my cry
And I had to, had to die
But the truth is – maybe lie
That my heart has grown – and so I
Holding scars the story’s told
If you won’t then try – unfold
We cannot be I’m afraid
Out of fear, it will hurt

Inspired by -> Stay – Cat Power

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Lightened by moon’s shining glow
Thinking – a fellow soul
In chase looks back
Hope for the pleasure
Re-opens these old stories
Buried deep in your heart
Before you notice
Years wasted becoming
Your future – you didn’t take
Sole regret venomous
Sadness fulfilling days
When your smile faded
The one – the past
Seen by moon’s glowing eyes

Turmoil – hot and cold
Blown sensation up the roof
Then sobbing a little –
Seeking human warmth
For words withholds
Silence better understood
Though understood you won’t be
Sensible touch of beauty
Either flower growing
Spring fires the sky
In tears you watch
But why
Your standards up high
Likes of me flies to you
Disrespect stomps down
With your chin – pride
Passing just by
All you want is there
On the golden plate
Empty – as well as
Excuse me, please





Jeez. It’s been ages since my last post – both sour, with a little spice in between.  Thought this might be a relief, and it truly is. Enjoy.

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The second falling star crosses the sky
I thought of you – setting up high
Expectations that were meant to crumble
And I know I won’t be a memory –
Nor a scene you’ll recall
When nostalgia consumes you
Pinnacle hollows deep down below
Off of the bottom my nest lies still
This is not a place I wish –
Hope you’ll never be in
As of today the goal is clear
I will build a life I could live on


Withhold your questions –
I get the clue
So dance, and smile
The future doesn’t need you
Thus the past seems to be alive




What’s up

You were curious when we first met
Chemistry felt – vibe filled the air
You gave me a smile
Some of your life stories
Even disclosed what you hold dear
And then – all of a sudden
You were no more
You got to know me
And called it quits
For unknown reason leaving cut on me
Silent treatment – one-word reply
Whatever I did, I only tried
There is my fault – this is who I am
I’m breaking things then looking around
Just like a kid –
Playful, cat-like someone would say
Now when I see you – when you act
As if there is nothing – or nothing happened
Indeed I agree though it makes me mad
After two months you are coming back
Chit-chat of all when I’m bursting tears
Being ignored, ghosted being in here
I do I care of you having your way
And I will ask if you are doing okay
But you don’t mind – little bother I am
And so I’m glad
You will never know
What there is up my heart





Of pity sweet irony
Longing comprehensive trust
A substance to modesty
Complexity and resonance, for once
Wordless agreement of both parties
Replaces doubtful mist
Whether walk into – or not
Though it’s been brought up
To my ear echo comes back
Your satisfaction lowered by minute
So for the sake of clarity
Justification let me lay down
An attempt had failed
Given no second chance





Little Cold




Little down inside where it all runs pretty
Getting little cold when you’re around
Hoping for a change, yet nothing comes about

I’m closing the door with my watchful ceiling
Another goodbye thrown up in the sky
Will you be, will you be outside?

Soon things are going to change
I will not be same ever again
For each step on, further down the line

Coz’ I’m fed up seeing, fed up being fooled
With you up high looking down, too
Words and phrases, meaningless what I do

Meaningless what I do…




This is going to be a song, though I’m stuck now.







Turns out

The freedom doesn’t lie outside the boundaries
We’re born into shackles, locked down –
Into a home you wouldn’t leave free
The cage, and the one holding up the key
Is in fact – both you and me
An idealism God’s once blessing
Nectar bestowed upon human soul
Today the poison in reality’s many faces
And a tear falling down cracked shiny armour
So the shield I lifted, against very own being
Becoming a wraith, cynism my friend has become
Not these strangers I wouldn’t look up
For their ignorance, and my beautiful –
Yet broken heart





Inspired by – Bad Sign – Kellermensch









My heart delusional
In an idea being caught
To the place have been taken
Idealism rules out the hope
Or would I then fall apart
Doing the thing outside my mind
Chasing of lust – no respect
To one another

I might then be all alone



Edit: This is one of my own shots, the 2nd time I’m using the private collection. Feeling good!










Steamless seeking fuel
For intensity begging the life
Drawn to them off the reason
I’m ashamed of there at night
Not for once missed a day
Hoping you’ll lit the flare
That shall give me a direction
Sense of purpose to my faith