Words were flying
Call this place home
Though underlying meaning
Wasn’t meant to be told
They then pulled off
Forgetting own commitment
And so it hurts
Trully mistaken I was
For once hoping
The same outcome
Isn’t about to happen
Maybe deserved I am
Under all circumstances
To suffer in solitude

14 thoughts on “Underlying

    1. It’s been indeed.
      Really? Thought I wasn’t engaged much with people… But it was a good time! Meaning you had poetic crush on me? 😅 Guess not that old nor that jaded! After all you wouldn’t be bothered writing me in the first place 🤔

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    2. We all were, or are to some degree despite those added years. If I wasn’t emotionally drained I would write up more and perhaps engage with the community, though I no loger feel passionate about it. Nonetheless I’m thankful you liked my writing, as well as the fact I could interact with people like you in there. Saying so, I do enjoy your pieces too, but I haven’t been active since over a year, except occasional post every now and then.

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    3. I have a friend who wrote when he was going though a very difficult time in his life. He had a blog here for years. He was good and funny and smart. When that time was fixed and he was no longer struggling with the same things, he no longer wrote. It was a time and a season…that ended. He’s since moved on to other outlets.
      So maybe it doesn’t come back. Or maybe it’s an opposite thing, like when struggle ends we find the passion again.
      So many variable. My thoughts and wishes are that it returns. Your writing passion, only if you want it to. ❤️

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    4. This is kind of common theme among us poets. Once the healing ends – so is writing and emotional bucket is no longer needed. I’d lie saying I’m not creating anything at all because I’m good to move on, though I believe it got to bring me more pain than pleasure at some point.
      But on that note, my phone is filled with some random musings that are not up to par to what I’m capable of when truly passionate and my standard won’t let me publish.

      As said earlier, you got me to think of it last night. Perhaps this isn’t the matter of me losing passion as it is something else.

      I’m sure you know what I mean.

      I will give it a go and the credit is yours!


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