A limit to a soul capacity
Waving in the wind
Northern lights calling out
Fingertips caress a mirrored surface
Inch by inch closer becoming
Eternity withstood the time
To reach the goal – touch
And get hold of this dream
Make it real, be for once

Neck turned down to the window
Blurred expression locked up in your mind
What you’re thinking – a mystery to me
As well as the feeling so foreign
Anxious my feet – lowered the voice
The silence that filled the air

Wish I could talk
And be able to cry
Having you close
Never saying goodbye
But then we’ll leave
Being strangers again
Pretending sometimes we care

Shattered my heart pumping the fear
Of previous faces afraid

The stories I hold
Are covered in black
Opposing you – you choose the light
Blacksmith that forge
A million of swords
That broken, broken remain