Deluded by the foolishness of mine, into assumption – sign before me written in the sky. Head pointed towards the stars and the arrow made of them, an indicator of me moving, leaving the past behind. Once glorious, once in despair, between extremes bouncing, expressed in those eyes locked down upon the figure when numb guts, should warn, but could not.

Major plans reminded in the diary, lines and lines of lament that meant to accomplish the awakening and lead to the wonder ending my own struggle. Walking over the path didn’t notice the cracks widening beneath, then the feet got caught, showing off – it was too late.

I knew where I am, what is needed and what the focus should be. Also couldn’t ignore the irresistible desire smouldering deep inside, exposed to the energy and the freshness foreign to me, almost like the language I can’t understand or use.

Breathing the air full of sulphur.

Outside reasoning I had, there was a voice that becomes my own now, seeing the ship crossing the horizon while I’m standing, waving on the shore, nothing had happened thus nothing had changed, it’s just me accepting the loneliness that I welcome like an old friend.

Because for you, I am indeed – just a stranger.