Let’s talk – Strength

“The scope of one’s personality is defined by the magnitude of that problem which is capable of driving a person out of his wits.”

Sigmund Freud

The matter of physical strength is plain and simple – being able to lift, push or do whatever it takes with a heavy item is easy to judge and proves your abilities. Although it does require a tremendous amount of time and commitment, shaping biologically imperfect body has to come from within.

Beware of ignorant generalisation – I do acknowledge the effort to get yourself in shape, a topic worth explaining in detail next time.

In the face of adversity we came across throughout our lifetime, we have a tendency to ignore subtle signs of rising issues. Swept aside, bottled up until the pressure accumulated has no other way to be vented, explosion known as a mental breakdown occurs.

It might take several years to deal with the aftermath of the event that could possibly lock you up in the hermetic bubble without receiving proper support from the outside. Perhaps responsibility lies in common belief and demonised perception of mental health and its causes.

Researchers from the US provided a data in which the percentage of people suffering from any form of mental health illness have risen up to 40% across the country by the end of 2017. As well as those statistics, the number of suicide attempts crossed terrifying 1.3 million in which over 40 thousand resulted in death.

Struggling to get up and move on, even though there is no reason for living. Shamelessly compared to the illusion we are feed using a variety of sources – we do find it difficult to co-op. We’re expected to follow a pre-designed pattern passed onto us against our will, those lucky enough were growing in families opened for the individuality of their children, those who were not, learned to hide the brute reality that some of the peers could never experience. And so, understand.

Because most of our social skills are based on childhood, further developed at schools, clubs and interactions with people, the core of yourselves contains a mixture of behavioural, unconscious conditions that we hold. I’m sure you could list a few things you do the way your mom or dad does, right?

Despite the baggage, we are searching for the answers that reveal our identity, that clarifies what is wrong with you – when is truly not. Ability to seek can, and should be exercised as well as you exercise your muscles. Using techniques or equipment, the people qualified to support you through the journey to enlightenment.

There is no shame asking, questioning your surroundings and environment. That is an essential part of a growth that should not be denied or punished. We keep on hearing phrases like “Cheer up!”, “Smile!”, “Stop being so grumpy!” etc. When all we know is just that. But then, be proud of it. Embrace the path you have conquered.

The power you have allows you to look back and work upon the improvement beyond standards set to fulfil the role, not yourself. You realise the value of things, chasing the life knowing what matters – not wealth nor a status or any sort of belongings. That is you.

Being on the verge of collapse would prove some of those claimants pointing you wrong. Your right is to be broken, depressed, and be in a state where you neglect your human capacity to survive. Actual strength that will lit the fire once your mind and heart are gathered back, is the will. All those experiences, scenes burned like a photo on a film are your remedy, insurance needed to be protected.

When you are in doubt beating yourself, you will still wake up the other day and do what has to be done. We’re all infused with ineffective elements whether we agree to it or not, but you fight inside yourself, alone.

If this is not the strength, what it is then?

Whoever says that you do not deserve happiness – is a living monster. Sooner or later you are going to get old, reminding these times with melancholy, being glad – you have never given up.

One thought on “Let’s talk – Strength

  1. “Your right is to be broken, depressed, and be in a state where you neglect your human capacity to survive. ”

    I have mixed feelings with that sentence because I think it’s okay to be depressed, but it’s not a right as I see because even if I could feel like that, I don’t feel like it’s in my rights as a person, because if I doubt of my existence and I don’t think I belong here, that makes me less than a person, even though you are entitled to that.

    As I said I have mixed feelings and I see why is a right as you said, but also it feels wrong at the same time saying it is.

    Even with my own mixing of words and all that, I enjoyed reading this, made me think a lot.

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