Echo, my voice – no one’s gonna hear
whether I scream or cry
hope being charged – lasted that long
so many things at once appear
taking it on, fighting it all
falling down further – no more
perish the fog, darkness let me in
for a second let me breathe
gather my mind into single piece
burn me alive – and restore


Such evening
the wind blows out a paper
right in front of me
through the house –
among settled dust
windows wide opened
curtains rolled apart
the sound, the rage –
swoosh banging my ears
glazed eyes, thinking
where am I



Both poems are related to each other while the climax is based on the weather, the storm and the sound of wind and rain combined – my mood was also heavily influenced, in my childhood I tend to take long walks just before the hurricane struck.

Perhaps it looks similar to posts uploaded before, nonetheless.