Praeludium to the story.

Leafless trees among rust-like ground, rustle above and clouds swirling sound. Seems to be silent the world have taken the breath, let it sleep – and dream of the future.

Pathway, a dead end – leaving you nowhere to go. The bird flies away, the fox comes back to a hole, you would explore losing track of the way, getting out, at some point, someday.

Torch burning strong drawing light before eyes, moving on – step by step – when the moon sets the compass, looking down on you.

The rucksack is heavy, makes you feel ill, for a second in the dark you decided to sit still. Opened a bag searching something to eat, what you found… Is just nothing, a pile of rocks – parts of what you’ve been.

So you hunt and you pray to the Goddess up above, so much pressure rises, the fear of getting lost – but you silly, couldn’t question once.

Entered the forest with no knowledge to survive, either will or skills required to get out. The moth you are, doubtfully suggest? Or the human being that should know the rest.

A risk undertaken in a blindless attempt won’t pay off, enriched by the series of previous mistakes – commit to learning yourself.

What is right and what is not.




Edit: I have fucked this one up, somewhere along writing I just lost a track of an idea to summarise and end the story, so it looks kinda broken by the end. Will try to get back to it searching improvement, if any of you has any suggestions, this is more than welcomed.